Simple WaysEdit

Taking Care of Your BodyEdit

One way to strengthen your aura is to ensure that you're in good physical health. A small tips on doing this is by drinking plenty of fresh and purified water. At least make sure your daily intake is betwen six to eight glasses a day. This doesn't include water inside coffee, tea or carbonated drinks. Our bodies function more efficiently when properly hydrated.


Get some excersise at least every day. Even if it's just a walk through the park, or riding to work or school. Regular excersise will help to keep your body in balance. Walking and excersising near water, or by lots of trees is better because the oxygen rich-air hlpes to cleanse your aura whilst you tone your physical body.


Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Avoid highly processed food, especially those which include high sodium and fat.

Rest and RelaxationEdit

Emotional/Mental HealthEdit

Helping to Strengthen the Aura ExcersisesEdit

One the simplest ways to strengthen the aura is where a white shirt for a few days. This will build a strong protection around the body as it is one the more neutral colors in the spectrum. Another simple way is use Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to cleanse the aura out. This can be done by placing a few spoon full in your bath or by dropping (Sole) mixture in your morning water to wash out toxic waste. Lastly visualizing that your aura is bright and strong will create that image into your reality. We are our thoughts and if we are thinking deep dark thoughts then we will tend to usher in that vibration. As we lighten our thoughts to ones of universality and oneness, then we began to see how simple life can be. It keeps us in the moment and we then see who is really creating it all! YOU!