Chakra meditations can be done sitting, or lying. Here is a step by step article on how to do some Chakra Meditations.

Meditation OneEdit

  1. Close your eyes, adjust your body, clothing.
  2. Let the breath relax, slow and deepen, but do not control it
  3. Now bring awareness to the spinal passage, such that awareness of breath is from bottom to top, Spend a few minutes establishing this inner breath pattern up and down. Ascending with inhalation, descending with exhalation.
  4. Begin to locate chakras within that channel. Need not pin point the exact location, just focus on general area. Try to feel the location of each station and mentally repeat its name as you pass by it. On your way up mentally repeat from Mooldhara to Ajna, the Sanskrit chakra names, and way down reverse the order.
  5. Just before finishing let go of breath sound, then names. And chant mantra' 'Om' 3 times.

Method TwoEdit

  1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath all the way down to your root chakra. Imagine a bright red colour at you root chakra area. This is the Chakra of stability and security. Visualize a closed flower on that area. As you breathe in, imagine that the air carries a warm energy to the root chakra flower, which slowly opens. Feel how you are allowing your chakra to heal and be free.
  2. Use your senses and see the red colour clearly in your minds eye. Feel how the colour slowly expand from the root chakra flower and stretches out through your legs and all the way out to your toes. Feel it expand from its source up through your body and out in your arms and all the way to your fingers. The bright red chakra colour stream also enters your head and fills your whole body with its warmth.
  3. Feel the love and security as the root chakra flower continue to open, as you feel more safe. Say to yourself (mentally) that you will not allow anything to come in the way of the blossoming of this root flower. Any bad experiences or any obstacles are not powerful enough to close this remarkable flower. When you feel that your Chakra has opened, let the bright red colour float upward to you second Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, and blend with its warm orange colour.
  4. See the orange closed sacral chakra flower at your second chakra. Breathe in deeply and feel how the energy is carried to the closed orange sacral flower, and how it stimulates it to open up just a bit. See how the bright colour from the chakra flower slowly leaks out and expand from this Sacral Chakra to all sides.
  5. Visualize clearly in your mind how the orange colour moves through the bright red root chakra colour and further down to your thighs and legs and finally reaches your feet and toes. Feel how warm and pleasant it feels. The warm orange colour also moves upward like the red root colour, and passes you stomach your chest and fills it all with a warm secure feeling. It also reaches your arms, hands and finger and your head, filling it all with love and security.
  6. Allow your sacral chakra to open. You are in a safe and secure environment so allow it to open up and embrace the world as it has become much stronger now. Your source for passion and sexuality and even some psychic abilities is opening and is sharing its warmth and its qualities with the rest of the body and the rest of the world. It does not have to hide anymore, so allow your sacral chakra flower to remain open no matter what the future may bring.
  7. Do the above chakra exercise for each chakra, but remember to chance the chakras individual qualities and colour. Try to work with each chakra for at least 5 minutes Do not rush through the meditation.